Waiting | Red Fox Painting

Waiting | Red Fox Painting by Michael Lumbrazo
Waiting | Red Fox Painting
Scientific Name: Vulpes vulpes
Size 24" x 48", Oil on portrait canvas
Painting Currently Available
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"Waiting" has an interesting beginning. Some years ago I was small game hunting in late summer, not just fall yet, for squirrels in Central New York with a few friends. While walking a gorge from above I had a very unique experience not seen since. Two red fox ran up from the gorge in front of me about twenty yards away. As soon as they had seen me they split up from each other. Each running in different directions. As I continued walking slowly I was able to see down into the gorge at a clearing and witnessed one fox waiting for the other to regroup. Which they did and left. "Waiting" depicts where the fox was standing waiting for its partner.

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