Red-Breasted Nuthatch Painting

Red-Breasted Nuthatch Painting by Michael Lumbrazo
Red-Breasted Nuthatch Painting
Scientific Name: Sitta canadensis
Size 16" x 20", Acrylic on portrait canvas
Painting Currently Available
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Several years ago I was in my backyard bird watching and sketching. Along came two species of nuthatch; the red- breasted and the white-breasted nuthatch. Having the two species interacting was a rare sight and made the research very easy. Most of the time my research is in the field, but this time they came to me.

If you have every had the chance to watch these birds in motion it's a real joy. They have the ability to hop up tree bark looking for bugs along with acrobat flying skills. Both paintings can be viewed in the Summer gallery.

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