Rainbow Trout Painting

Rainbow Trout Painting by Michael Lumbrazo
Rainbow Trout Painting
Scientific Name: Oncorhynchus mykiss
Size 24" x 30", Acrylic on portrait canvas.
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Trout fishing is my passion outside of painting. I've spent many hours in the field seeking the perfect catch. Catching a native trout is like playing chess. For every turn you have the stream pushes you to rethink your last and next move. Matching the right hatch with the right fly and making sure your placement is just right. Knowing how to read the stream and it's flows are another aspect that come into play.

"Rainbow Trout" has a special place in my memories. The scene portrays a single rainbow trout emerging from a sunken root system. This would normally be seen at a location call a fishing hole. A location in a stream that gathers water and slows the stream down only to escape to another part of the stream. The water is deeper, slower and has a higher concentration of food for the trout to feed upon. Routinely at dawn and at dusk. The water is clearer than the rushing flow upstream and the catch is very exciting.

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