Night Hunting | Great Gray Owl Painting

Great Gray Owl Painting by Michael Lumbrazo
Night Hunting | Great Gray Owl Painting
Scientific Name: Strix nebulosa
Size 10" x 20", Acrylic on portrait masonite
Painting Currently Available
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In all of my years of outdoor sportsmanship the Great Gray Owl has only been seen a number of times. Hiking one day brought me to a clearing with rabbit tracks in the fresh snow that had just fallen the night before. The tracks lead into a patch of several pines then vanished. Great Gray Owls prey on a number of small mammals including squirrels, rabbits, chipmunks and weasels. Along with several raptors species. Hunting mainly at dusk and dawn.

"Night Hunting" depicts The Great Gray Owl hunting for rabbit during a brightly lit full moon in deep dusk. The snow and moon giving the owl enough light to follow the rabbit.

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