Morning Dew | Wild Turkey Painting & Print

Morning Dew | Wild Turkey Painting by Michael Lumbrazo
Morning Dew | Wild Turkey Painting
Scientific Name: Meleagris gallopavo
Size 24" x 36", Oil on portrait canvas
Original Painting Sold
Limited Edition Prints Available my Store
The elusive wild turkey is without a doubt one of our greatest success stories of scientific wildlife managment. By the 1930's the wild turkey population had dwindled to roughly 30,000, but with the help of many individuals the American Wild Turkey stands today at over 3,000,000.

Depicted in my Wild Turkey Print are three Classic Eastern Wild Turkey Hens, (Meleagris Gallopavo Silvestris). Unlike males which which can reach an average weight of 20 or more pounds, the female is much smaller, Only reaching an average weight of 10 pounds in adult-hood. Both male and females have a plumage of brilliant metallic hues of bronze, purple, green, copper, brown, mars black and white feathers.

The wild turkeys keen eye sight, hearing ability, swiftness of foot and light of feather make this American bird a memorable experience to all viewers.

I am please to announce that "Morning Dew" is a Wild Turkey Print with a Limited Edition press run of ONLY 150 signed and numbered prints. Printed on 80# Lustro Saxony, acid-free paper. Remarqued prints available.

Limited Edition Prints Available my Store

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