Dark-eyed Junco Painting

Dark-eyed Junco Painting by Michael Lumbrazo
Dark-eyed Junco Painting
Scientific Name: Junco hyemalis
Size 11" x 14", Acrylic on portrait canvas
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While cut-throat trout fishing in the foot hills of the Sierra's mountains in northern California; I was awarded the opportunity by nature to study the Dark-eyed Junco; this medium-sized sparrow that is in constant motion while feeding is mostly seen on the forest floor foraging for seeds. Several Junco's were in constant motion from landing on the forest floor to flying to a few lower small branches. Repeating the action over and over. It looked like a dance. A few Junco's would descend to the floor and a few would leave the floor searching for similar branches to rest with protection.

After a several location changes on the stream I came across a patch of pines that caught my eye for a painting late in the day. The lighting was dark with a backlit ambient lighting. Since most of my paintings up to this point are well lit sceneries it became a challenge to paint in the darker values and portray a sleeping Junco.

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