High Above Danger | Wild Turkey Painting

Wild Turkey Painting by Michael Lumbrazo
High Above Danger | Wild Turkey Painting
Scientific Name: Meleagris gallopavo
Size 24" x 36", Acrylic on portrait canvas
Painting Currently Available
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Wild turkeys are a fascinating bird. They can eat over three hundred types of food, can fly even though they are a very large bird, have acute vision, roost in the trees at night for protection, have feathers that are incandescent for camouflage, and are able to run extremely fast. The eastern wild turkey was one of my first species to paint. "High Above Danger" is my third painting in the series that will most likely grow in the next few years. "High Above Danger" depicts a tom (male) wild turkey roosting at dusk. His harem is not in view, but are in tress close to him. At night the dominate tom will wait for all of his harem to roost before he settles in for the night.

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