Great Gray Owl Painting

Gray Owl Painting by Michael Lumbrazo
Great Gray Owl Painting
Scientific Name: Strix nebulosa
Size 24" x 36", Acrylic on portrait canvas
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While camping in the Moose River Plains of the Adirondacks my research brought me to Indian Lake just pasted Squaw Lake. I ventured onto the lake in my Old Town Canoe to explore the other side of this dog-leg body of water. To my surprise, the opposite side of the lake was dammed by an eight foot beaver dam.

"Great Gray Owl" depicts the stream below the beaver dam. In the distance you an see the Great Gray Owl in flight. Most likely hunting or casually moving to a different roost, the amazing aspect to the location of the Great Gray Owl is that is the lakes water level.

As the viewer, you are downstream of the lake and as such below the water table of the lake. I can only imagine the sound and energy of the water rushing down the rocks once the beaver dam breaks. But while I was there and for two years after, that beaver dam held back the water of a three mile lake. Raising the water level at least six feet. I have not painted the beaver as of yet, but when I do will incorporate the ingenuity of these incredible creatures.

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