Flying Solo | Canada Goose Painting

Canada Goose Painting by Michael Lumbrazo
Canada Goose Painting | Flying Solo
Scientific Name: Branta canadensis
Size 24" x 30", Oil on Masonite.
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While living in the northeast seeing Canada Geese is regular occurrence. Most of the time they can be seen grazing in the fall harvested corn fields. I would often see them in flight moving in pairs or flocks, in a V formation. Most of my research for the species has been located near lakes, ponds, and farm fields.

The Canada Goose depicted in "Flying Solo" was a lone goose coming in for a marsh landing seen during a spring hike in Old Forge, New York.

I have been inspired to paint this species several times throughout my career. Their plumage pattern has a nice contrast against the surrounding landscape. Pure whites, burnt umber brown's and mars blacks transform into an abstract design.

Spring flowers also play an important role in the painting. The use of Black-eyed Susan's (Rudbeckia hirta) and Queen Anne's Lace, (Daucus carota) are used to show the spring dance of nature.

Flying Solo" went through several transformations during it's creation. At first a light mist was to be added for depth, but later realized the crispness of the vivid colors complemented the painting and the mist was not needed.

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