Rock Dam Brookie | Brook Trout Painting

Brook Trout Painting by Michael Lumbrazo
Rock Dam Brookie | Brook Trout Painting
Scientific Name: Salvelinus fontinalis
Size 24" x 30", Acrylic on portrait canvas
Painting Currently Available
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"Rock Dam Brookie" is a continuation in my trout series. For many years I would travel into the Adirondack park to seek out the best brook trout fishing locations. Many of these included a solid hike into the forest hiking upstream to un-fished areas.

For this painting the research was done at Rock Dam in the Moose River Plains region. An easy hike from the trail head, but in total, 18 miles form the Main Highway. For this particular catch I was using an older Daiwa Black widow ultra lite and reel, 2 lbs. test line and panther martin spinners.

If you notice in the painting the underbelly has a cadmium yellow tint. Older adult brookies develop this as they mature. When a trout takes the bait it will fight the hook by rolling and exposing the vivid color. An amazing sight to see when it happens.

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