Custom Paintings Commissioned

Sketches from Mickler Beach, FL

Acylic paintings commissioned by clients can range in size up to 8 feet tall. Commissioned work is customized from start to finish beginning with color selection, species, the environment the species will be in.

Commissioned paintings involve meeting with the clients in person, by phone or with facetime to discuss colors, price and subject matter.

We will discuss the size and location of the painting to reside. A charge of $300 to create the layouts will start the commission which will be deducted from the final purchase price.

Once the layout is agreed upon half of the commissioned price will be dispersed with the remaining balance upon completion of the commissioned work.

Commissions can be shipped anywhere in the US and internationally and will be insured up to the purchase price. Shipping fees will be worked into the final price.

All sales are final.

All rights reserved unless specified at time of contract.

For inquiries, commissions and fine art sales please contact Michael Lumbrazo at: SALES@LUMBRAZO.COM