About Michael

Michael lives in Northeast, FL with his family.

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Artist Michael Lumbrazo since the earliest I can remember, I've been drawing the world around me. As I grew older I began to explore different mediums and found a love of depicting the natural world with paint.

My mentors, John and Maria Sealey, Murry Tinkelman and Gary Trento encouraged me to persevere with my artistic aspirations. So, from my youth spent in the valleys of central New York to my young adulthood in the foothills of the Adirondacks, to my time spent in Northern California to the present in Northeastern Florida, I continue to paint the world around me.

My work features a variety of North American species. The accuracy of detail and research of the natural settings in my work reflect my immense respect for wildlife and its habitat.

For over two decades I have tried to inspire a love for the natural world with all of my paintings. From big game to birds of prey, each painting reflects a visual experience driven by my memories.

For inquiries, commissions and fine art sales please contact Michael Lumbrazo at: SALES@LUMBRAZO.COM